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Dressing Drum

  • Dressing Drum are used for Sterilizing and storing different types of dressings, instruments and surgical requisites.
  • Slotted belt with clamp for loosening or tightening of belt to open or close the perforated on the body.



Sizes In Inches D X H Size In MM D X H
5x5 145x125
6x5 165x125
6x6 165x150
7x7 190x176
8x6 210x150
8x8 210 x200
9x5 235x125
9x9 235 x 230
10x9 280 x 230
11 x5 285x125
11 x9 285 x 230
11 x 18 285x460
12x10 305 x 255
13x6 355x150
13x9 355 x 230
14x5 360x125
14x9 360 x 230
14x10 360x255
15x10 390 x 255
15x12 390 x 305
18x12 475x305

  1. Dressing Drums are measured from hinges to hinges.
  2. All Sizes are approximate.
Sizes In Inches D X H Size In MM D X H
6x6 165x165
8x7 205x180
9x5 230x125
9x9 230x230
11x5 280x125
11x9 280x230
12x10 310x250
14x5 370x130
14x9.5 370x240
15x12 390x305